Friday, 23 January 2009

Things that Go Bump...


Shastri sent me a very interesting link to a video of a ghostly siting. Go have a watch of the guys in the lift. VERY creepy! Having seen so many excellent fakes on YouTube I'm undecided whether this video is the real thing or not, but it did jog my memory about our strange experience earlier this week when my parents and I went shopping.

My mom wanted to buy a new bath mat, so we stopped in at a big DIY/furniture store that sells everything imaginable. While my mom and dad debated the various styles of bath mat I wandered off to look around. I found this photo online of the bath section, I was actually around the corner, but it gives you an idea of the shop. :-)
I stopped first to look at their shower curtains, because the colours were so pretty. They had the plastic bags holding them hanging up on a wall in a wave of colours from pastels through bright to patterned. I glanced behind me, to admire some very fancy bathroom mirrors on the other wall, when a noise and movement made me turn back.

As I watched one of the hanging packets opened by itself and the shower curtain inside slowly slid out. It's hard to explain why that was odd. You could easily argue that the packet was loose and gravity makes things fall, but the way the plastic flap opened out and the curtain came out was too slow. Almost as if an invisible person had opened it and pulled the curtain out. I thought, "Weird!" I walked off and quickly forgot about it - there were too many interesting things to look at.

Later, back at the car, my dad said, "Do you know that place is haunted? We saw it."
I said, "Wow, you saw the curtain too?"
They both looked puzzled and replied, "No, we saw the box... what did you see?"

It turned out that while I was lost between rows of lamps on sale and kitchen goodies my mom and dad had their own weird experience. They were being served when a man who worked in the shop came past. He put a box down on a shelf, then came over to them for a chat (people are very friendly here, everyone stops for a chat). While they were talking the big box he'd put on the shelf suddenly started to move. As all four of them (woman behind the counter) watched the box slowly slid off the shelf and fell BANG on the floor.

The man and woman both laughed. They said it happened a lot as the place was haunted. Things fall off perfectly shelves, things drop, etc. The shop is about forty years old, but before then it was a Mill/factory where lots of people worked. I have no idea how old, I tried looking on Google, but couldn't find anything, but in the shop there are old black and white photos from the days when the place was still a Woollen Mill.

What's really funny is how we both saw something odd, but completely independant of each other. I know next time I'm shopping there I'm definitely going to watch more closely! ;-)


  1. Very eerie, Michelle. Let us know if you experience anything else next time you go there. That video was pretty spooky too.

  2. Reading this sort of stuff at night gives me the heebie-jeebies, Michelle. Nice to know that i am far off from both your place as well as Singapore.

    As an aside, curtains in showers have been known to act as if possessed. But in your case, there wasn't any water running, but a ghost walking past ;-)

    Captcha: bariesw

  3. Geee...for me that's very scary since I've never had any experience like that and I don't think I have that kind of sensitivity he he he he...

  4. Your banner photo is beautiful!

    Congrats on your book. You must be so thrilled, I would be. sounds so interesting.

  5. The video link didn't work for me, unfortunately, got an error message. But WOW! What an awesome experience. I'd be in that store all the time! I've never experienced a ghost.

  6. I finally go to see it. It's a fake, unfortunately, but it's so well done! It's really really creepy!

    But you can't fake what happened in that store to you and your folks. That was just awesome.

  7. Wow, amazing! And you guys were not even spooked at all!

  8. Daisy
    If I go back and experience anything again, I'll let you know. The video was a fake, but it was still well done. Creepy!

    Thank you for the links. They were very interesting. As for ghosts, I lived in a haunted house for over 20 years. Ours used to make loud noises at night. At first we'd get up and check the house and garden each time, but after years of finding nothing we realised it must be a ghost or poltergeist and just ignored it. Sometimes when we watched TV it would get very LOUD, which was irritating.

    See my reply to Shastri above. :-D

    Hi Sandy
    Thank you. My husband took that photo on New Year's Eve 2008. and thank you for the best wishes on my book. I am thrilled and nervous and... sort of emotion overload!

    Hi Genie
    Yeah, I found out about the fake thing too. I must admit I did wonder what an old lady ghost was doing in a building like that. Plus she was walking weird. Why do people think ghosts walk weird?

    Hi Ting
    As I told Shastri here (higher up) my parents house had a ghost (or something like that), so we're fairly immunised! ;-)



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