Thursday, 15 January 2009

My Book Info and a request for help

Hi Everyone

Okay, I have finally got my book info up online HERE in a new seperate blog. This way I can update on the book without mangling this blog. I promise that I will copy and paste important news to both blogs so the curious-but-lazy don't have to wander far. ;-)

I am going to copy and paste my back cover/synopsis here and with that a request of sorts.

I wanted to put this up at all the Amazon shops selling my book, but I can only manage to get onto the UK one. To register to write at the others I have to first buy stuff from them and that's a bit tricky! So, I need to find people who've used Amazon in the USA, Canada, Japan, China or Germany who could put up my book synopsis for me. If anyone's interested/willing - you can email me, please. It's not a review, just the basics about the story that I'm putting here below in blue.

" Forbidden things." Idrith pointed out grimly, Things that could be your death warrant."

"" All beauty has a price, Castellan, and with all knowledge comes responsibility. The people who deal with my contact know this well, and they know the worse price of ignoring it."

" What would that be?"

" Emptiness."

Idrith dropped his gaze at last. That one word described his whole existence, " Tell me more, please."

On the harsh militant world of Sindorus, where even colours are considered sinful, three people living very separate lives are about to have those lives change forever. As deceptions are torn away, and ancient secrets brought to light, they each must struggle to find the missing pieces to the puzzle... answers that will unlock their true destiny.

Idrith, bitter and trapped in a life he never chose, is the first to discover his own fear-filled mystery. Obsessed with finding the truth behind the lies he turns to the one person he has always tried to avoid - the mysterious pilgrim, Harmion.

Aztar's military promotion comes with an unexpected burden. A serious problem threatens the security of the entire Northerner regime and it seems that their only hope may lie in the hands of someone he was raised to think of as his enemy and inferior. Each day they struggle together to find a solution, but at night Aztar struggles alone as the secret he's kept hidden since childhood returns to torment him.

In a world where most women have no control over their lives Daen was allowed to grow up unrestricted and far better educated than normal. Now her father's health is failing and the running of their family estate lies in her hands… and with it the security of everyone she loves. Knowing that desperate situations call for courageous action, Daen is about to take a step that will change all their lives forever.


  1. I have an account in amazon all I need is copy and paste it?

  2. OK, done, I just followed the one in It's being reviewed still by them and when it's passed review, it'll be published he he...

  3. Thank you Amel. You're an earth angel! :-)

  4. Indeed, so thoughtful of you Amel!

  5. It's SO exciting to see your book on Amazon!

  6. Genie
    Yeah! I was in he "pinch me I don't believe this" stage, but it is now becoming the "disgustingly smug" stage. :-D

  7. I'm trying to get caught up on blog reading today, and I'm late to get here, as usual. I'm so very excited for you. This is just so cool!! I thought I might blog about you being published maybe sometime next week if I can, and if it would be all right with you if I do that. I'm so proud of you and so happy for you. Big grin!

  8. I'm late to the feast - again, Michelle!
    Hearty CONGRATULATIONS! Much deserved! I'm so pleased for you.

  9. Daisy
    I'd be thrilled to have you blog about me. :-) THANK you and thank you again for the kind words. ((hug))

    Thank you! :-)



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