Sunday, 26 February 2012


Two friends recently suggested Qijong (or Chi Kung) might help my health.

The dictionary describes it as:
"an ancient Chinese healing art involving meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises."

I went looking for the real easy for lazy slobs version of Qijong (lol) and found this below. I've been doing it every morning, probably in hilariously wrong positions, but I am feeling more relaxed and just.. nice. :-) So I thoughts I'd share it here:


  1. What a nice place to practice, I use to do it myself, don't know why I stopped, it really does relax and centre you :)

  2. This looks good, THANKS for sharing! Gonna try it later on when I have more time...

  3. Bah... google... hmph... I had a nice long comment written out, but it signed me into the wrong account. My thoughtful, inspiring, must-read comment is gone!

    Ok... it was just a smile and a comment on me bookmarking the vid, but consistently forgetting to actually do it (you have now inspired me... remind me in the morning!).

  4. Hi Gemel
    It is relaxing. I'm sure I'm getting some of the arm movements wrong at this stage, but I am enjoying it. :-)

    It is fun, but mostly restful.:-)

    Hi Tint
    Oh big L O L I hate that when it happens and it always happens when your reply was long, deep thoughtful.

    spiteful internet! ;-)



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