Tuesday, 14 February 2012

For Valentine's Day...

A beautiful video...

Music “Silver Eyes” by Ashram
Poem “Je t’aime jusqu’au cri” by Alexander Hakman
Translation by Sophie
Poem read by Lescintilla
From the blog MIND PRISM with Alex and Sophie

I’ve loved you despite myself
Entwined with your being, in a swirl of disquiet and dizziness
I didn’t want to say, “I love you”
Out of fear of seeing you disappear like a leaf wrenched from its stem
Nevertheless, I love you until my heart screams
Until I lose my breath each time you distance yourself and leave a void

I have loved you hidden behind the curtains of night
My childish glances followed your every step
My eyes drank the words you would not speak to me
Your words. . . that the light emanating from you wrote on the scrolls of shadows
Your words . . . like fiery stars
Shooting from the dark night to light my way
Your words . . . that you sowed from page to page
In the book of our destinies
And I locked my heart away
So it could not follow your path
But . . . my heart is rebellious
It dances with your words, so soft and so powerful
Clings to its emerging dreams
And today, it wants to speak to you
I love you as one loves a dream hung from moonbeams
I love you as one loves a spring on the rippled slopes of dunes
I love you like the majestic eagle loves to soar and be free
I love you with strength and passion as only tigers know to love

And even if the future is unsure, I want to love you forever
I will love you with all my hope, quivering with impatience
I will love you to the depths of your soul, to the enigma of your silence
I will love you until the desperate need to chant your absence,
Until the fragile confession of an invisible secret

I will love you…



  1. Lovely post, Michelle. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your husband. :-)

  2. Uhhhh this one sends shiver down my spine, esp. near the end...so enchanting!

    Happy Valentine's Day...or actually Happy Friendship Day in Finland (yeah, it's called Ystävänpäivä here) he he he he...

  3. Happy Valentine's (I like Friendship day even better!) to you both. :-)



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