Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sweets and Sour

Last week I was tidying up and was about to throw out a chocolate tin when I accidentally discovered something very disturbing. (all chocoholics please look away now - this post will shock you)

Every year hubby's family buy us a tin of Cadbury chocs for Christmas. In the beginning I used to save the tins, because they are useful for storing all sorts of goodies in. I've recently realised that I have more tins than things needing storage, so I decided to swap an old tin for the nice new one we got this Christmas. That's when I noticed something funny going on. . .

Can you see it?

I'll give you a hint. Christmas 2010 tin is on the left.

Here's another photo with another hint - the new lid fits both the new and old tins, so there's no change in diameter of tin size. . .

You guessed it by now, didn't you? The new tin is SHORTER and... it holds LESS. Less chocolates for Christmas with no change in advertising or in pricing!!!

Here's the bottom of Christmas 2010 tin, as you can see the best by date was up to August 2011, so it wasn't an older tin.

...and now Christmas 2011 tin.

It's gone from 943g to 826g in under a year. That's a loss of 117g of chocolate. That's an entire chocolate bar!

I will certainly be warning the family to not buy us any more tins in the future.


  1. Oh no! What is the world coming to?! That is just wrong!! :D

    The word verification for this post is making me laugh. It is "tubcup."


  2. Oh Daisy... tubcup?

    I'm sitting here giggling!

  3.'s been happening here too in a certain supermarket that I often visit. They sell sometimes things in XXL packages, but nowadays the size is slightly smaller than the last one (I know 'coz I still have the old package at home). Oh well...still cheaper than buying the regular size, though.

    But I know what you mean...they don't want to up the price, so they have to reduce the content without telling anyone...@_@

  4. Hi Amel
    Yes, I've noticed that here too.

    I don't mind prices changing or sizes as long as they tell you. I don't like it when they try to sneak it in. Sneaky selling is a cheat. tsk tsk!




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