Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I Write...

Today I read a wonderful post about writing by a very talented writer. His name is Eddie Ombagi and his words are very much worth the effort of reading. Go take a browse of his blog.

In his latest post he said:

I asked myself why I write when I want to. It is the fire within, I realized. The fire within that makes me write, write and write. And the same fire within on some days burn so strong that it burns me into cinders and render me inadequate. On such days all thoughts simply burn into flames and do not come out of the pen or the keyboard.
Wow Eddie... that is so beautifully said, I love it. You got me thinking! Why do we write... all of us here blogging? I suspect there are as many reasons as there are bloggers.

Why do I write?

I asked that of myself a while back, when I was trying to explain it to some friends and family. I said, "I write because this is how I breath."

Later I thought how crazy that sounded, but this past year I've realised how true it is. My hands hurt as I write this. The more I use them, the more they burn.

I'm supposed to rest my wrists. Do I? Yes... and no. I rest my wrists. I have given up hobbies, cooking, housework (that one wasn't hard!). I have not raged at struggling to dress. I laugh when I drop spoons and teapot lids. I stop when my wrists crackle with electric shocks and I stop when my fingers hurt... except when I write.

When I write I go on even when I'm down to typing with one finger. When I write the thoughts come so fast my fingers burn like fire trying to keep up and lately when I write and it really does make my hands burn like fire, but there really is no choice.

I write to breathe.


  1. LOVELY, BREATHTAKING post and image...I can feel it all the way through my soul...

    Funny how I've said "soul" a few times already (if not more) to you...but you've evoked certain parts within me that nobody else does.

  2. (((Amel)))

    thank you. I needed this today.



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