Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Household Meme

I'm taking up this one from Mimi. :-)

The Household Meme

1. How many gravy boats do you have in your kitchen?

None. My family's love of gravy borders on addiction. I moved on to a gravy galleon years ago.


2. Do the clothes in your laundry basket need ironing?

You iron them BEFORE you wash them? Wow... that is dedication to housework! :-o

3. What is the last thing you wallpapered?

The last thing I wallpapered? Honestly? I have no idea!
But I can tell you a true story. The weirdest thing I've ever seen wallpapered was a flat we looked at to rent. No.. not the way you think, or I think.. or how most of the sane world thinks! This flat was a portion of an old house and the entire place was covered with wallpaper from floor boards to ceiling. Even the window ledges, skirting boards and fireplace were covered up and some of those walls were... lumpy. What was under all those faded flower prints? Very very strange...

4. Wooden floors or carpet?

I've found that floors are always useful, regardless of type.

5. Why do we put out guest towels if no one is supposed to use them?

To impress the kind of guests we really don't want to invite into our homes in the first place.

6. If your spatula could talk, what would it say about your duvet?

I'm more interested in how you made this connection! Time for your medication again, Mimi???


7. Have you replaced the batteries in your smoke alarms this year?

Funny you should ask this! We have a smoke alarm outside our bedroom door. When the battery dies it starts up an alarm sound that's like a weird bird chirp. It died on Sunday night, leading to a looong night of constant pitiful tweeting that led to chirp insomnia...

We fed it a new battery yesterday.


  1. He he he he...love your answers...those birdies in the last graphic are SO cute, but that orange-head thing scared me!!!!

  2. Your answer on the towels is perfect and all too true.

  3. This was great fun, Michelle. :D Maybe I'll give this one a try too.

  4. Amel
    The orange is creepy!!! :-))

    Hi Tina
    Thanks for stopping by. I loved your meme replies. :-D

    Hi Daisy
    Yes, you should. We need more memes. They are fun. :-)



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