Thursday 24 May 2012

Coastal Travels 2 - Macduff and Old Memories

Our next stop (last Sunday's drive) was Macduff, across the river from Banff. Macduff is a fair sized town with a very charming frontage onto the harbour, as you can see here...

There was a rescue boat just coming in and I quickly took this photo.

The best bit was when my hubby, Sandy, took us out to a very special place... a quarry. Sounds funny, but it was my very first experience of quaint local names. Ten years ago I first saw "Cowbog Construction" and guess what... they still exist, although now in part with another bigger firm.

In honour of this memory I went and dug out one of my original photos from that first trip. Here I am, ten years ago, standing in Banff with Macduff behind me in the distance.I know I have other photos, but they're all packed away and this is the only one I have scanned to computer, because I emailed it from Scotland back to my family in South Africa. :-) 


  1. I've always loved your smile. :-D Memories, oh memories...THANKS for sharing more pics! :-D

  2. Ahh.. and you just made me smile again! :-))



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