Thursday, 17 May 2012


 I've been forgetting to update everyone here about my annoying hand problems. I finally saw a surgeon earlier this month and I'm set for surgery on my left hand, for the carpel tunnel, some time late this month. That's all he could estimate - late in May.

After waiting an entire year to get to this point I feel mostly... anti-climax. I've seen ten doctors in three towns/cities to get here... it's been a journey that has worn me out!

I promise to let everyone know when the surgery is once I know, because it will mean I won't be able to type for... a few days? Not sure. I'll just have to wait and see.


  1. I've been fighting and waiting since the end of December for surgery on a damaged hand nerve, I'm not much further forward than a surgeon agreeing that she'd like to operate.

    the lastest I've managed to get from the hospital bookings is that it will happen by the end of July and it will probably be on a Monday, really helpful.

    best of luck with yours

  2. Keep us updated. I hope everything goes well including the recovery period. :-)))

  3. were you told how to have your arms while you are at the word processor? There's a lot of study on ergonomics in our nation (& I'm sure yours) and avoiding carpal tunnel is one of the more common fields within ergonomics b/c so many people in the US suffer that.

  4. Hi Mr Bunny Chow
    Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog! The photo challenges are great. :-)

    I hope you get your hand sorted soon. I had no idea that nerve pain could be so dreadful till this. And I really wish they'd narrow down the when bit. I've had three other surgeries lastsix years and pretty much given up on trying to go on a holiday break since I've never known when they'll call for me. :-(

    Hi Amel
    Thank you. I will. xx

    Hi Vince
    No I wasn't, but in fairness mine started with extreme water retention that has caused nerve damage in my feet-toes as well as hands. So they were more worried about that at first. I still have ongoing problems with my feet too, but that I'll just have to live with, since it is just annoying and not harming my daily life.



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