Thursday 3 May 2012

RABBIT rabbit

Ok, so this should have gone up on the 1st of the month, to truly be a "rabbit rabbit" good luck wish, but I forgot to download the photos in time.

We went out last Sunday, to a nearby Garden Centre and Tearoom and there... in the garden... we met a RABBIT. Not a rabbit - a RABBIT.

You'll see...

The garden centre has a resident mascot - a very BIG bunny. He's allowed to wander in and out the shop on his leash.

He was very friendly, ready to go over to anyone who was willing to give him a pat or a scratch behind the ears.

The lady holding the leash says that he lays out the rules of where they walk. You can see that in the next photo. It's a case of, "No, I want to go THAT way!" LOL

While everyone was fussing over Mr Rabbit an itty-bitty-kitty (half the size of that rabbit!) was trying very hard to win some interest. She walked between everyone, she lay down and waved her paws in the air, she miaowed... no-one noticed.

So Hubby went over and gave her some fussing. She was so pleased she purred and purred.

On the way back to the shop we saw Mr Rabbit chilling in the shade. Aren't those big fluffy toes just the cutest you've ever seen?


  1. WOW!!!! VERY HUGE paws! Never seen such a big rabbit before he he...the bunny is cute, but the cat is cuter (Amel = cat person) HA HA HA HA...

  2. That is one big bunny! I probably would have pet the cat before I would have paid any attention to the bunny, but I would liked both. :)

  3. Holy cow....I mean rabbit! That critter's giganormous! Tint = cat person too. I'd have given the rabbit a moment and turned to kitty :)

  4. The bunny looks exactly like the pet rabbit I had a a child, Thumper. Thumper was big, but not that big!

    The car was so sweet and we were the only ones who gave her some fussing. Poor kitty!

    There's another garden centre near Nairn where the rsident cat DEMANDS that you love him or he'll follow you all over miaowing LOUD until you stop and pay attention. LOL

  5. HA HA HA HA HA...that's a cat allright! :-D Demanding love in such a way. Cool!

  6. Ah, the first of the month "rabbit" thing. When I was growing up, I had a friend whose mother was from England. He told me of that little practice, but I think he told me that on the first of the month, as soon as I wake up I should say "rabbits foot" three times. Hmm . . .

  7. Hi Jeff

    I think the practice varies a lot, My husband says "White rabbit!" the only thing that stays the same is it being a rabbit and mostly being said three times.

    Got an interesting side note on that, but I just might make it into a blog post. I'll let you know. ;-)



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