Monday, 18 June 2007

The Seed


So dark! So dark.
I cannot see..
Closing in on me the dirt on my head is pushing me down
or am I pushing it up?

striving, growing,
in this dark space of nothing-not-knowing.

One day..

there will be light.
the garden.
Wind in your leaves and petals smiling.

and the seed remembers the flower,
and the flower remembers the sun,
and the sun calls to the seed to hurry,
spring is almost done,
and the seed grows up to the sunlight ,
because it remembers before..
as the flower
full of pollen
on the bee
in the wind
that touches the gardener
with the sun on his face and dirt under his fingernails.

The seed remembers
and grows.
Michelle ~ 18 June 2007


Amel said...

I LOVE this poem. It made me smile (not because it's funny but because it's deep)! :-)))

You sure have a way with words, M!

Paul said...

Good metaphor -

Epimenides said...

Nice poem Michelle!

Michelle said...

Thank you Amel, Paul and Epi


The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh the poem is beautiful! Love it :) And it somehow reminds me of the seed and flowers thing that some guy in the Bible talked about... k gotta look up the Bible now :)

Michelle said...

Thank you Mother Hen.

Of course, now I'm curious if you found the story you were remembering. Was it the parable about the seed sown on rocks etc, or some other one?

Unknown said...

you write really beautifully...

Michelle said...

Thank you Random. BIG smile here! :-)