Wednesday, 20 June 2007

8 Random Facts About Me

This list is in response to HollyGL's request for volunteers, inspired by her great random facts post

Ok, eight random facts about me..

1. I can hear "silent" dog whistles.. and bats sonic chirping. It always seemed such a useless ability, but kind of fun. My dad used to show my skill off to friends by calling me in from the garden with a dog whistle (*woof*).

2. I'm a twilight person. It's annoying because I get my best brainstorming ideas, and highest energy levels, around the time most people start heading for home or settling down for the evening.

3. My first true crush was Mr Spock in Star Trek. Seems I was drawn to the intellectual type even at the age of seven.. or maybe it was the cute pointy ears?

4. My high school history teacher had a plane land on the freeway behind her. It was a small plane making an emergency landing. Thank heavens she was near an off ramp and was able to get out of the way. No-one was injured. She said she'd never ever forget looking in the rearview mirror and seeing a plane coming up FAST behind her.

5. As a kid I wanted to grow up and be a vet or an opera singer. Since I'm allergic to fur/feathers and sing mediocre I never pursued either.

6. When I was eleven a blind psychic told me I'd be on TV one day. I've had some of my work (craft/art) on TV, but not myself personally. I'm okay with that actually. I really don't like the idea of being that visible.

7. As a little kid I thought there was a monster living in our toilet cystern. For years my mom could never figure out why I refused to flush. Now you know, mom!

8. I wriggle my toes when I'm happy and I crack them (like cracking your knuckles) when I'm thinking or concentrating. If you ever hear "crack, crack" in a museum or library.. that'll be me! Fortunately my husband thinks this is charming.

Wow.. tag 8 people? I don't think I can manage 8 because I'm sure I've seen a few people I know already do the random facts thing, so anyone wanting to volunteer beyond my chosen victims is welcome to join in. :-)
I tag:
1. Amel
2. Shan
3. Epi
4. Dustinzgirl


  1. I'm a TWILIGHT PERSON as well!!!!! I'm DEFINITELY not a morning person. I should add one more thing in my list: I'm a SLEEPYHEAD. I woke up later than my hubby (he doesn't eat breakfast so I can just go back to sleep) HE HE HE HE HE...

    When I was a kid, I used to talk to my own reflection in the mirror, thinking it was a WHOLE different world and a WHOLE different person. LOL!!!

  2. I will have to get back to you on the list thing but since I am a newbie around your blog I have only one thing to say....

    What's for dinner? (oh damn sorry, wrong typing window, it happens, heh)

    I just wanted to say I really like your layout and the whole look of the blog. Very refreshing and easy for the eyes compared to more traditional templates.

    Well talk to ya soon!

  3. I'm nocturnal as well...till a little while ago I used to hear bagpipes [seriously.. it was quite an eerie feeling]

  4. Hi Amel

    I can imagine you sitting by that mirror as a kid talking to the other world. Cute!


    Thank you. :-) I added the background myself. I have done a small bit of website art and I really enjoy it, but so hate working with html!

    ..and dinner was beef in beer and mustard. :-D

    Hi Random
    bagpipes? wow! How fascinating.

  5. I am loved!


    You had a crush on Spock too! My first real crush was on Starbuck on the ORIGINAL Battlestar Gallactica. I kept thinking he would swoop down in his ship and take me to the stars...

    Ah, to be young!

  6. Hi DG! *waving*

    Oh I'd forgotten The original Battlestar Gallactica! I loved that show. Yep, Starbuck was dreamy.



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