Friday, 22 June 2007

Isle of Harris (Calum's Road by Capercaillie)

I am putting this tune from "The Blood is Strong" here, not because it is the one I mention below in my ten tunes list (I prefer the tracks where Karen Matheson sings), but because it shows pictures of the Isle of Harris. I bought my CD on the Isle of Harris and we visited all the places shown here. I couldn't resist that! :-)


  1. Great video-what a wonderful place.

  2. It's an amazing island. I'm only sorry this video doesn't have photos of Callanish - a stone circle just as amazing as Stonehenge, but way less well known. Not that I saw much of Callanish. There was this farm sheep dog there hoping to get a stick thrown. I ended up throwing sticks all the way around and forgot to really look at the standing stones. I'm a sucker for dogs. :-P

  3. I agree with Kevin. Peaceful song, peaceful places. :-))) Maybe someday if we have more money we can visit those places, too. Who knows? ;-D

    Btw, I'm more of a cat person he he he...

  4. I've decided to share the second Thinking Blogger Award with Crow's Feet only he he he...

    Here goes...come and claim it!

  5. THANK YOU Amel!! :-))

    I like Cats too, but I'm allergic to them.

    Scotland is worth seeing! but I am biased. I love it here. :-)



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