Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Parsley is Gone!

Two weekends back my mom and I bought herb plants for the garden. Orange thyme, mint, origanum, chives and parsley.

Yesterday we went out to water them. The parsley is gone! Just a dozen little green stalks nibbled down to pot level.

Yesterday morning there were roe deer playing in the front garden at dawn. We have deep suspicions the parsley thief is one of them.

All in all I can live with that - anyone can have parsley, but not everyone gets to watch deer dance outside their bedroom window.

There are great photos of roe deer here.


  1. Indeed, M!!! ^______________________^

  2. You are very lucky to have "thieves" like that! :)

  3. mmm parsely. i used to grow bananas, except the bananas never came. but we have 3 grapefruit trees!

  4. Oh, aren't they precious! When I lived in Colorado, I rented a house in the mountains for awhile. The previous residents used to feed the deer that would wander around. The house had a wooden deck in the back, and the deer would come up and stamp their hoof on the deck to ask for food.

    It was so interesting to me. First of all, I didn't know that deer were that smart. Secondly, I felt odd about feeding them - even though I did - because I didn't like them feeling safe around humans. Too many unsafe humans where deer are concerned...

  5. Very wise words - on "anyone can have parsley, but not everyone gets to watch deer dance..." :) this is the type of attitude that every human should have :)

  6. hi Shan

    How are you? Mmm.. I like grapefruit better than parsley. :-)

    Hi HollyGL

    Oh that must have been lovely, but yes, I'd have worried too. We have pheasants who come into our yard to eat. We also know there will be pheasant shoots later in the year. So I try not to get them trusting us. It could be a death sentence. :-(

    Hi Mother Hen
    I agree with you. :-)

  7. parsley for deer - now that's a trade-of to die for....



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