Sunday, 10 August 2014

A Different Perspective

A friend shared a fascinating link with me recently. it was about Melek Taus, the peacock angel.

To cut to the important bit. Melek Taus is the archangel worshipped by a group of Kurdish people called the Yazidis. This has led to them being persecuted, because the peacock angel is also known by another name - Shaitan. Yes. Melek Taus is an ancient form of Satan. But his followers are not devil worshippers! 

In their version of the story this archangel rebels when God demands that all angels and archangels bow to Adam. Melek Taus refuses to accept this new creation as being better than he is. He is thrown from God's grace... but he redeems himself. He eventually realises his egotistic mistake. He makes amends. 

Is that why the Yazidis admired him? Because he was the rebel who went too far, but realised it? He wept for 7,000 years. He took responsibility for his mistakes. He grew up.

Quite an awesome variation!

I really like this different perspective on an old story. It has lessons we all could learn from. We all are capable of making mistakes in anger or ego. No matter how big that mistake might be, the only thing that matters is how we deal with it.


  1. Weeping for 7,000 years? Wow...loving the growing up and taking responsibility for his mistakes. Never heard of this story before. Fascinating!

  2. I love a good redemption story. As a Christian, if I compartmentalize I can appreciate what the story has to offer. There are so many "versions" of Earth's spiritual history that I do not think it benefits anyone to try to jam one culture's square peg of worship into my round hole of the view I have of Earth's spiritual history.

  3. Amel

    It was new to me too!

    Hi Jeff
    I really like the way you put that. And since many Bible stories are full of symbolism... I rather like the idea of hope that comes from another symbolic story that basically says that anyone can find that redemption from God. :-)



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