Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Photos 1 - Brodie Castle

I've been promising to share my summer outing photos for a while now. I took 200 photos and needed to tidy them up first.

I'll start with our trip to Brodie Castle. It's free to walk in the gardens and grounds and they have a smashing gift shop and tea room. Tours of the castle are available, but you can't take photos inside and tours just remind me of school trips. I prefer to wander on my own. ;-)

My first wondering wandering was seeing this strange shape tree in the gardens. The one on the right - it looks like Buddha is sitting in contemplation. Or perhaps it's an Earth Goddess?

Here's a close up...

The castle grounds from the side.

We walked all the way down to the ornamental pond/lake.

Here's the view looking back at the castle from the edge of the pond. 

There are walkways around the pond with benches. Very pretty.  


  1. They make me feel peaceful, especially the last photo. I can imagine myself walking there.

    The first thing I noticed when I clicked on this post link was the temperature in your gadget. 7'C only? It's 11'C over here at the moment. Goodness!

    Oh, and that figure in the first and second photo...very interesting! Why did I get an image of an embryo instead (not necessarily human embryo though)? I have no idea...

  2. It's a very peaceful spot. I love the pond. There's a road on one edge, so sometimes we drive by it and on quiet days you can stop in the car a bit and watch the ducks and swans.

    Yeah, it has been cold here this Autumn! Normlly Autumn is hot for us. OIr at least WARM. Not this year!! :-(

    Oh gosh... never thought of an embryo. I looked at it again and saw that now.

  3. Very peaceful !
    A perfect place to meditate :)

  4. Good point, Rajiv. It would be a perfect place to meditate. :)



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