Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer photos 4 - Dreamy views

This post is a selection of photos that make me feel dreamy. :-) The first is the seaside town of Lossiemouth. This photo panorama was taken looking down at the beachfront and Lossie river mouth. 

Next is a tree from Brodie Castle grounds. It took five photos to create this view from where I was standing beside the tree. It is HUGE.

And finally... some magical houses. The last two are gate houses for Castle Grant.


  1. I love those images. It does seem surreal, I have always wanted to visit there, but alas, I probably will never make it.

    BTW I can't believe I missed your birthday. I hope it was great one with a great year ahead of you!

  2. Scotland is worth visiting, but if you ever do - come in Spring. Summer can be rainy and temperamental.

    Ah, I keep my birthday quiet (7th). It's not up most places. :-) I'll happily take well-wishes anytime.

  3. I feel like one big huge sigh of mellowness looking at these photos. Mellow...with itchy feet, want to travel.

  4. Scotland is well worth visiting, G~G. :-)



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