Sunday 17 August 2014

Songs For Sunday ~ Ingulukudela

A song from my birthland: the Limpopo River (Ingulukudela) Song.


  1. Great post, lovely music !
    Added your blog to my blog follow, thanks for your visit to my blog and comment. Please visit again and add such lovely comments.
    Thanks again :)

  2. I like it. Sounds like a spiritual.

  3. Hi Rajiv

    Thank you for stopping by. You have a lovely blog. :-) I'm glad I found it.

    Hi Jeff
    Check out the Soweto Gospel Choir and, of course, the world famous Ladysmith Black Mombasa.

    Trivia... Lady Smith (who gave her name to a South African town) was an ancestress. :-)

  4. Loving the sound of it, especially when there are so many singers singing together, blending so nicely.



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