Friday, 8 August 2014

Small Addictions

A friend sent me his latest addiction - online jigsaw puzzles! I've always loved doing jigsaws, so I was quickly hooked. Whenever my brain gets tired of words - I go do a puzzle. ;-)

I have two places I like the most:

the jigsaw puzzles has a huge assortment of choices...

It allows you to decide if you want normal shape pieces or weird ones. It also lets you set how many pieces. So you can go from really tricky 200 piece ones to quick and simple 50 piece using the same picture.Another nice feature is that it will allow you to do the edges first. Makes large puzzles a lot easier.

jigsaw planet has a really nice feature. You can upload any photo or picture you have and create your own puzzle. You can also save your puzzles and share them with others. :-) Here's me trying my book cover artwork as a puzzle...


  1. Believe it or not, I only tried jigsaw puzzle after moving to Finland. My aunt who moved to Canada brought us some puzzles when I still lived in Indo, but none of us was interested in even trying ha ha ha ha...I admit that it feels like a huge accomplishment to finish up a puzzle. I've only finished a puzzle with R2 once. Still have another pack unopened. Maybe later. :-)

  2. I love them, especially in winter on long evenings. But I don't like doing the same pictures over and over, so the internet version where you make your own is great! I'm never going to get bored with a picture. And I never have to pack it away afterwards. ha :D

  3. I thought the idea was to do the puzzle and then frame it on the wall? HE HE HE HE...Can imagine why you don't want to do the same pictures over and over. And you're right about never having to pack it with an online puzzle ha ha...



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