Monday 4 August 2014

Farewell Facebook

For years I was only on blogs. I tried Facebook twice. Didn't like it and left both times. Now I'm back a third time and have been there more than blogs for the past few years.

Why did I leave Facebook in the past? Because it's tiresome and mostly pointless. Yes, everyone I know is there and I can get news in an instant on how everyone is. But most times people post jokes, pictures, more jokes, games... real conversation is non-existent and news vanishes in a deluge of junk.

Why did I go back? Because I do have friends/family who only go onto Facebook. They never read blogs or websites. They don't even do email.

But lately that's not enough. I can't completely stop Facebook. There are still friends and family there who do not connect any other way. But I'm tired of scanning a hundred fragments and pictures in order to find out how my friends are. I think it's time I stepped back into the (more) real world of blogging again!


  1. "Tiresome and mostly pointless" is a perfect description. Like you, I go on to see how people are. Unless they're complaining, however, no one really says. I'm guilty of that, too, because I don't like to billboard my life.

  2. Don't they say great minds think a like? That's what I'm telling myself anyway. I hope it works for you and me. :-)

  3. I whole heartedly agree Michelle. I also am in the same boat as Em. I see no need to add to the noise and clutter of the place and only do so when major changes like moving are happening; because as you mentioned Michelle, there are those family and friends who only go through f.b. for contact.

  4. I feel the same way most days, but it's the only contact I have with friends and family all over. I wish I could go back to blogging... back to the way it was, but no one reads my blogs (scarce as they are) now, so there's no point really. Oh for a perfect social network side that combines the place where the people are and deeper conversations!

  5. Cate
    It was so funny seeing your farewell/step back message on Facebook. Yep, great minds! ;-)

    Hi Imp
    I got sucked into the "I must repost this funny/cute/thought-provoking" thing. And it is amazing how much time you can end up spending doing that!

    Hi Tint
    In your case I do understand. Like me (and Imp and Amel) you have family and friends scattered everywhere. Facebook is the fast east option to check in on everyone. But I'm tired of fast food. Need some more substance! Today I went onto an old forum and actually told a story! I haven't done that in over a year. So already my ability to communicate is improving.

  6. I understand you. I am a slacker at blogging and it's because of Facebook. All true! But I do like Facebook and I make my own substance. I write about all sorts of things, personal too. The response on facebook is much better than it has ever been on my blog and I like interaction. I'm part of a few groups (closed or hidden) where there are in depth conversations. Facebook is superficial in itself, but it's what YOU make of it. Still, I'd like to be blogging more too... ;-)

  7. He he...have always had a hate-and-love relationship with FB and the love gets less and less as time goes by for many different reasons.

    But same as yourself, I can't completely delete myself because of similar reasons (though I did deactivate FB for weeks once). These days I just check my FB account for a few minutes max. Sometimes a few times a day, but I don't linger there anymore, unless on rare occasions. I find that in FB people share more than they comment and that's very very tiring because it's not a conversation anymore.

  8. Yes .. FB is time consuming with a lot of repeat recycling of pics and trends .. Look forward to visiting your blog .. Cheers Warren

  9. Hi Tink

    I can understand Facebook working if you belong to a group. I did join two very chatty groups on Facebook. I think they would have been great, except I already have groups elsewhere and lots of friends who email. So I was stretched too thin. Eventually Facebook became merely a place to post quick things, for me.

    yeah,exactly! Love-Hate. :-))And good point about how draining and tiring it can be.

    Hi Kim

    You summed it up perfectly!

    Hi Warren
    You had better stop by! :-) I'd miss hearing how you were doing. You always post uplifting things. I have always enjoyed what you share, but some days even scrolling through a wall of uplifting wise cheery stuff feels tiring.

  10. I, too, prefer blogging to FB & Twitter. My problem with blogging is I no longer have the energy I once had. However, I still try to have at least 3 blog posts a week... unless I sleep though them!

  11. Hi Nick
    I have another friend with bad healh who prefers Facebook. She has pain issues and cannot stay online long. So for her, Facebook is a quick easy way to check on all hr friends and family. I can understand that.

    But you are a prime example of why I dislike Facebook. Lately... I LIKE your blog post links on Facebook, but do I actually READ them? Probably one in every four! The LIKE button is too easy and out. :-\ and I don't LIKE that.



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